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The SMP Quick Coupler is SMP’s own patented quick coupler. Thanks to a simple, robust and low built construction, the machines original digging properties remain; breaking force, digging angles. At the same time safe connection of buckets and attachments is also guaranteed. SMP have many years of experience of developing and manufacturing quick couplers that can handle all types of jobs in all kinds of environments and climates. All kinds of tools can be used with SMP’s quick couplers, for easy and quick changeover between different types of work tasks. The simple but robust design ensures a long service life, even under extreme use. The combination of an SMP quick coupler with the SMP Tiltrotator and an SMP bucket or attachment, transforms your machine into much more than just an excavator.

SMP Hydraulic Quick Coupler
The SMP Hydraulic Quick Coupler has been designed for quick and easy tool changeover times and handling of heavy loads in harsh conditions. The simple but robust design ensures a long service life, even under extreme use. The coupler’s low built construction is designed to maintain the excavator’s original characteristics, such as break out force, digging angles and more.

SMP Mechanical Quick Coupler
SMP Parts mechanical models of quick couplers are specifically designed to quickly and easily manage all types of loads and ensure maximum performance in harsh conditions. The low built construction of the quick coupler is designed to maximize the excavator’s characteristics regarding digging angles, cut angles, etc.

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