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Viking Equipment Inc started in 2016 with the goal of providing quality excavator equipment and services at affordable prices, as well as offering superior value to all its customers. Today the company is still privately held and operated by two of the founding partners: Mats Ruontti and Thomas Larsson.

SMP Tiltrotators are sold throughout the world, supported by a diversified network of distributors. The company’s products are available through e-commerce and independent dealers, who can provide additional application sales and technical service.

Viking Equipment Inc’s distribution channel is maintained by SMP Parts facilities located troughout Sweden. These locations provide technical, warehousing and sales & marketing assistance to all of its customers. SMP Parts  is an ISO 9001 manufacturer with research and development based in Sweden. The company meets or exceed most international manufacturing standards and regulations.

Viking Equipment Inc products which are manufactured by SMP Parts are used by a large varioty of customers daily. You will see Viking Equipment products in the general construction, railway maintenance, infrastructure projects and the mining industry to mention just a few. Customers rely on Viking Equipment to provide them with consistent and accurate results.

Viking Equipment’s mission is to supply high tech Swedish steel products to the American market.  

Thomas Larsson


US 803.908.0894       SWE +46.706.665.078

Mats Ruontti
North American Sales Manager


US 803.908.0802

David Esposito
 of North American Operations


US 803.458.7049

Taylor Wendlocher 
Strategic Account Manager


US 803.458.6905

Jim Duhon
Sales - Louisiana and Texas


US 985.397.2370

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